1. ESCAPE FROM CUBICLELAND guest artist #9 revealed!


    Xochitl is an acrylic, colored pencil, and mixed-media/collage creator whose excursions into the world of art I have watched with a keen interest that borders on obsession… and with good reason - she also happens to be my wife! Her abstract cosmic styles depict portals and vortexes into blissful worlds and vibrantly multi-colored dimensions. Her mixed-media piece for Escape from Cubicleland really nailed the inter-looping reality and reincarnative nature of the story. 

    I’m intergalactically psyched that Xochitl created something for my book.

    Visit Xochitl at: espiritumente.deviantart.com

    I am in the fortunate position of having some talented friends who have agreed to lend some guest artwork to the print version of Escape from Cubicleland.

    Escape from Cubicleland is soon to be printed (thanks to some generous Kickstarter backers), and will soon be available in my online store.

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